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  1. How to enter the code?
  2. How will i get the code ?
  3. The phone does not ask for unlock code after switching on with non accepted Sim Card?
  4. How much does unlocking cost?
  5. What is IMEI and where can I find it?
  6. What happens when there is no code or not work?
  7. What is Simlock?

    SIM lock is a capability built into mobile phones by mobile phone operators. Network providers use this capability to restrict the use of these phones to specific countries and network providers.

    In mobile phone with Sim lock you can install only one operator sim card (usually netowrk provider). Mobile phone can be also locked to work with only one, selected SIM card or, for example with the cards from a particular country - but in practice the most common lock is a network provider lock.

  8. Unlock via code is it safe?
  9. How long does it take to generate the code?
  10. Is it possible to re-lock phone via code?
  11. My phone's IMEI number does not fit in the form


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